Having to restore your PC to factory settings can be a hard decision to make, most PC users have to make this decision after virus attack or system part malfunctions. Restoring your PC to factory setting though a cumbersome task (you will have to install several applications on your system after this process) is the last resort that fights against system malfunction and virus attack on your PC. However, performing this task is relatively tricky as most Laptop PC in the market these days have their operating system pre-installed and does not come with a recovery discs. To reset laptop to its factory settings, you will need to activate a preset recovery partition file, okay, don’t be daunted by the sound of that, the following steps will walk you through the process.

Step 1

Before starting this process, the first step is to ensure all your important files are backed up, be sure to have access to uninterrupted power supply, your Laptop must be connected to AC power all through this process, if not it could lead to a major laptop malfunction.

Step 2

The next step is to press the F8 key on your PC, after this the logo of your PC make will pop up bringing up the advanced Boot option menu, the purpose of this is to give you alternate booting options and other functions. (Please note that, though this step applies to all Laptop PC, but we are generalizing from the HP laptops)pa170261-f8-key3

Step 3

A list of options will come up, click on the option “Repair Your Computer” this should be at the top of the list, then press the “Enter Key”.


Step 4

The landing page after this will be titled System Recovery Options choose your appropriate language for this,  your language choice by default will be “English (United States)” and “US” respectively, after this click on the “Next” button.


Step 5

The “Next” page you clicked on will take you to another “Recovery Options Window”, this is quite different from the previous one as it will ask for your Username and Password, take your time to fill the field correctly as it is a login detail that gives you administrative rights. After this click the OK button.


Step 6

Ok now don’t get tired of system Recovery Options pages, because this will be your next landing page, however this particular one contains various actions, then click on the HP recovery Manager (Suffice to say, other make of Laptop PC also goes this way), so click on this and it will take you to the next step.


Step 7

The next page is HP (Or your different system make) Recovery manager window. Different options are available here, these options includes, include a system checkup, a files backup function, and definitely a system recovery one. Select the  System Recovery option, then click on “Next”.


Step 8

You are almost done here, carefully read all instructions that pops on your screen and follow them, everything here will be really easy to carry out. After all these you must have successfully reset your Laptop PC to its factory settings.

There, your PC is as good as new.

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