Formatting your external hard drive/ flash drive will not only make the hard drive of flash drive compatible with your computer, it will also make it accessible with the right file structure for your PC and erase unwanted documents from it. To format your hard drive or flash drive, follow the following steps.

Step 1

Open your Windows start up page, go to “My Computer”, right click and select  manage, However, Windows 8 Users can go directly  to  “Disk Management utility” by pressing the Windows + X keys on the keyboard. This will open the Power Users menu, click on  “Disk Management” from this menu. In the Disk management Menu, your connected hard drives will be displayed in the center of the page.

Step 2

 From here, right click on the drive you want to format, you will be required to name the flash, enter a name for the flash.

Step 3

Now you need to pay more attention here, you will have to choose the File System that you require. NTFS is the standard for Windows computers, also if you intend to use the file for Windows systems select this option. However, perhaps you are planning to use the drive on both Windows and Mac, select “exFAT” option.  It is not advisable to select the “Perform a quick format” as it will not efficiently erase all the previous data.

Step 4

Now click “OK”, this is because you will have to confirm that it is OK for your drive to start formatting, after this confirmation, your drive will begin formatting. Please note that the length of time required depends on the size of your external hard drive.
Now your external hard drive or flash drive is as good as new

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