Windows operating system Windows 8.1 is an upgrade of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 though a free upgrade of window 8, was not designed to be installed with Windows 8 product key. Due to this Microsoft also only allows the download of Windows 8.1 installation media with a Windows 8.1 product installation key. Okay do not worry, this is not a limitation to accessing and enjoying your windows 8.1. In this step by step guide, you will find out how you can go about this.

Step 1

To begin this, you need your Windows 8 product key, with your windows 8 product key download your windows 8 Pro software.

Step 2

After downloading, start the installation as it would be product, here you will be asked for your product key; enter your product key into the space provided.


Step 3

As soon as type and enter the product key, the WindowsSetupBox.exe will respond with the corresponding version of Windows 8 Pro for installation. Click “Next” to continue, your download will begin now.

Step 4

Now, in this step you need to pay close attention to your computer, when the download starts, wait until it hits 1% downloaded, then close the application to cancel the download.

Step 5

Next, you will need to visit the upgrade Window a product key page. Then Click on the “Install Windows 8.1” button and run the downloaded tool. Now the Windows 8.1 setup tool won’t prompt you for a key, but will download Windows 8.1 normally.

Step 6

Now you will be asked if you want to run WindowsSetupBox.exe click on “Run”.


Step 7

Now the download of your corresponding Windows 8.1 will commence, please note that at this point no installation of the OS has commenced, you are only downloading the file that will help you in the installation.

Step 8

At the end of the download you will be require to choose from some options which includes the following;
Install Now will immediately after selection install windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on your computer.

Install by creating media will create an ISO of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 for you to install by bootable USB or DVD.

Install later from your desktop will help you create executable to install Windows 8 or 8.1 later from your computer.

It is advised toy select “Install by creating media” then click on “Next”


Step 9

You will be asked to either create a bootable USB Flash drive or create an ISO file to burn to a disk later, it is advised you use select creating with a USB flash drive  (please use a 4-8GB USB stick), insert this into your computer port.   After inserting it, select “ISO USB Flash drive” and point the installation to the newly ported USB stick. It is advised you use a new or an empty flash drive as your flash will be automatically formatted and all content will be deleted.


You could also do this by opening your USB drive in Windows Explorer or File Explorer then navigate to the sources folder inside it. Here, you will have to right click inside the sources folder then create a new text file, and name it ei.cfg. (Please ensure this file named ei.cfg, and not ei.cfg.tx, you may need to ensure file extensions are shown).


Step 10

If you follow the second method in step 9 go ahead and open the ei.cfg file in Notepad or another text editor, then copy and paste the text below into the text file and then save it.
However, if you performed Step 9 with the first method, you will need to navigate through file explorer to <drive letter>:\Windows81\sources on your newly created USB flash drive, after your bootable USB drive has been created, right click on the text document in it to create new text document, then select New>Text Document, then copy and paste the above text in the open notepad window.

Step 11

You can now install window 8.1 using the installation media you just created on your USB, you can use this USB to install Windows 8.1 on as many PC as you want. During installation it will ask you for product key, don’t fret, just input your windows 8 product Key and you will have your Window 8.1 installed on your PC.


Voila, you just performed a clean installation of Windows 8.1 on your PC

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