Increasing your battery life does not only make your PC last longer, it inevitably allows you to work for longer hours, thereby increasing your productivity period. Making your PC last for longer on its battery is really easy, it is important you follow some easy steps to achieve this. Below are some easy “do it yourself” steps to  help you increase your battery life and enhance your productivity.

Step 1

Bright screens are mostly unneeded for you to work on your PC, but often times our PC screens are usually too bright and this really drains on battery. So, the first step here is to decrease the brightness of your PC, reduce the the brightness of your screen. To reduce the brightness of your screen, you need to go to your PC settings to adjust it, this is usually located in your battery settings, A fatster way is to adjust it on the battery icon showing on your desktop.

Step 2

The situation when you are in a WiFi enabled environment and you turn on your WiFi to access the internet, and right after that you forgot to turn it off. WiFi can really usurp your battery power, so make it a habit to turn your WiFi off when not in use. This can save you 20 minutes of power on your system without A/C energy. To turn off your WiFi, you need to go to your settings and then turn it off.

Step 3

The next step is to turn off your bluetooth,bluetooths are major battery drainers, once it is turned on, on any device it drains the battery power, your bluetooth should not be on when you do not need it anyways, so you need to turn it off, as this will save your battery power. To turn off your bluetooth go to settings on your PC.

Step 4

The next step is basically an advise, always shut down or hibernate your PC when not in use. Do not put it on standby, what standby does it to continue to drain your PC energy making it ready for use as soon as you lift the cover, this implies that, when you close your laptop cover while its on, its automatically goes to standby mode, just take some few minutes to either hibernate, when you have an important thing you want to continue doing when you get back to your PC, or Shutdown completely before closing your PC.

Step 5

Always disable unused ports on your PC, ports like your VGA, Ethernet, USB and Wireless can really drain your battery power, they should be turned off when not in use. You will need to go to “Device Manager” on your PC to do this.

Step 6

The next step is to defrag your PC,  fragmentation can really ruin your battery and decrease your battery life (read article on “how to defragment your PC from our PC Self fix articles). So most times, it helps to defrag your PC.

There you have it, your PC’s battery can now last for longer, increase your productivity period.

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